Into the Valli follows the story of Chris Parella and his life consuming infatuation with an iconic singer. As his family distances themselves, his obsession grows deeper in hopes he can reach the same level of success.


Into the Valli is the collaborative effort of Pat Bradley and Nick Buscarino. Experiencing countless drafts and realigned motives; the duo finally adopted a system of writing separate scripts, later merging the best components of each. This granted a particular type of narrative to evolve while unfolding Chris’ obsession with the legendary singer on a deeper level.  


Casting began April 2016 in New York City, in which the team saw over 500 combined auditions. After key roles being cast, a talented visual/audio team began to take shape. Location scouting was spanned over a four-month period with the focal point being Long Island. With the help of the Nassau County Film Office, Lead Based & Always Write Productions surveyed a multitude of public properties in Nassau County after finalizing Wantagh State Park.


Principal filming took place over an eight-day span in December 2016. One additional day of filming took place in June 2017 in order to film scenes cut from the original schedule due to time restraints. Into the Valli will make its premiere in January 2018 before a cross country film festival run.